Prototype testing

The tests have been record and you can find the videos in our Vimeo channel or clicking here.

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Acceasy The App

We already have our first prototype of the app linked with the product. The best of this prototype is that is online and everyone can test it.

Go to and enjoy it like you are who manage the keys of a company.

If you have a few minutes after test the prototype, it would be a pleasure to us that you answer some questions by clicking here. This way will be easier to improve this prototype until being the final application.

For those who doesn’t know what is Acceasy is a new system to unlock more than one door with the smartphone. A part from that, another point is that with Acceasy the keys are virtual and the management of those is easier, just with a click you can give access to a user to enter in a room.

If you want to know more about Acceasy, click here.

The Mom Test

At the last class, to our project we had to propose some questions so will be used to interviewed to a possible user:

  1. Name of the participant or company.
  2. Type of company you work?
  3. How comfortable do you feel interacting with technology?
  4. Do you use or have you ever used any technology system o device to open a door?
  5. In the company you work, they used to manage and control permissions access?
  6. If yes, how is in your company managed permission access?
  7. Would you trust in this new system designed to open and manage the doors?
  8. How much have you payed for the actual system you use?
  9. Who else should I talk to?
  10. Is there anything else I should have asked?

Link of the interview questions: The mom test

You can find the results of the different interviews clicking here.

Analogs & Antilogs




 IOMANDO  Easy and intuitive to use. It’s the classic method of clicking a button but on the smartphone. It presents a system too much newer so people sometimes scares big changes
DIGITAL FINGER PRINT Reliable and fast access method Fails constantly if the digital print doesn’t present the perfect conditions




 SAMSUNG RETINA SCAN  It presents a strong security because aren’t two equals retinas. The system is really complex

The Business Model Canvas Updated

A few days ago, Jaltech team met to do an activity with the aim of improving the business model canvas made so far. For this, we put ourselves in hypothetical situations as for example what would change if Facebook gived us $1 billion or how we could get customers if Google Play and Apple Store disappeared. The fact of putting us in these situations made us to think of new ideas that had not occurred to us until now. Although not all the proposals were useful, because some events were impossible to happen, there were some of them that we have been able to take advantage of and incorporate in our model canvas.update

Here you can see the new business model canvas

Competitors and positioning statement

Acceasy is for companies and organizations who need to give private access to differents areas to employees.

This product is a hardware and software system based on an application that give an immediate way to control accessibility.

Unlike other companies that use physical objects like cards or keys, our product allows companies to manage its accesses immediately without using external objects, except the smartphone.