Who we are

Jaltech logotype

Jaltech Co. is a company founded in 2016 with the goal of creating and developing new projects related with technology for make easier lifestyle.

Nowadays, our priority is to create Acceasy, the product we are developing. It consists on change the way of management and control of access permissions with a new system attached to an Application.

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A part from Acceasy, our main product, we are developing a video game for smartphones, called The Number, which is based on logical and puzzle games.

How we work

Our team members are Lluis Cornella, Jordi Ricart, Judith Sirera and Adrián Velázquez who study all in La Salle, multimedia Engineering. It is not the first time working together, so that the equipment is advanced in the field of communication and organization has been learned during the development of previous projects, but is their first company founded.

In these team, there are four main roles marked by their own skills. These means that the company is provided with all points of view when a decision has to be taken about anything.

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Why acceasy?

Nowadays, it’s hard to find companies or organizations still using physical keys to access their different rooms or spaces in their offices. However, most of them use cards that work with different technologies to get access to the rooms or spaces.

This is the point where we thought that the system was not completely efficient and could be improved. On one hand, one of the goals was to reduce the number of objects that people carry in the pocket every day. On the other, we wanted to expedite and improve the process of providing access to its employees by organizations, because cards take days to arrive, and when they arrive, if you want to give more access to a worker the company must request a new card. So we came to the conclusion that the system was not efficient or flexible enough and we explored how we could reverse it.

In the end, we decided that we would create an app that will provide access to the different rooms by using your smartphone. Using the same technology as the existing cards.